Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I'm starting to liquidate a few long positions. I don't like the way the market is acting.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing your readers with a few things?

1. How big is your typical position size?

2. Any specific reasons why you decided to liquidate your long positions?

TheCapitalGame said...

1. GE is the biggest at 8% of the fund. COP MU SNDK HANS NTRI OXPS COGT MMS GLD are all over 5%. Nothing goes over 15%.

2. Market action. Too much resistance at Dow 13,700 and S&P 1540. Rising bond yields have spooked traders. International markets like China and India look like they have topped. Above all, I have this feeling in my stomach. After many years doing this you can just sense when its time to sell.