Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hmmm. So buying the dip eyes closed is not a good idea. There is a better chance of rates increasing than decreasing. Bernanke thinks inflation is still a problem.

RACK is up big today on heavy volume and I reckon something will be announced in the next few days.

GOOG is a strong technical buy along with BIDU .

NTRI is looking excellent . Someone asked me about NTRI a few weeks ago when it was under $60 and I said a cup and handle formation was in place and upside volume looked really good. $10 later things still look good.

I am buying MU on the dip. SNDK too .

In light of Cokes purchase of Vitamin water, HANS looks excellent.

AMZN is ridiculously strong. I did try to short it a few weeks back but got out fast. It will eventually collapse 30-40% but after it goes up to 80 or 100.

AAPL keeps on moving higher.

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