Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pre market

The Asian markets are mixed though China is up over 3%. Europe is bearish.

The 10-yr Treasury is over 5% for the first time since August as New Zealand unexpectedly raised rates and traders fear similar moves in the future from other central banks around the globe.

Slowing retail sales in the US and consumers curb their spending. High prices at the pump and lower mortgage equity withdrawals having an affect no doubt.

While traditional advertising dwindles, internet advertising is surging to new records. I like names in the internet advertising and related sectors like VCLK DRIV GSIC .

Pre market futures indicate a lower open to the market. I think weakness needs to be bought here.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the other color scheme. Too bright now.

TheCapitalGame said...

I changed a few of the colors. Is it better now ? I got bored of the old format.It was like every other blog had the same look. I like being different :)

Matt said...

Is there a transformer theme? :)

Anonymous said...

Colors are a little better now. Still prefer a darker background. I enjoy your blog you do a good job here. I've added it to my reading list every morning before the open.


TheCapitalGame said...

You're welcome :) Yeah the colors were a little too bright earlier.