Friday, June 08, 2007


The markets did a 180 today and ended in buying panic. Its like everyone was rushing to get on board the bull train before it chugged off without them. Everything was going up except for gold and silver which was tossed out like excrement from a horses rear. Steel , semis, housing and airlines were the big winners despite the fact that aside from steel, the other groups have been big laggards off late. It looks like traders fell for the lipstick on the pig. Could have been the beer goggles from washing down all those pints from the pain of yesterday.

NSM INFN CAE TNC AZZ TELK and that dog VG were some of the biggest winners today. RACK INFY MRVL AKAM INTC CSCO WYNN LVS AMZN ETFC GS MS FRO MCD AMTD all had an outstanding day .

How could I miss this ? Thats the question I've been asking myself for the last few hours. This IPO was up 48% today. Feels like 1999.

I mentioned SBUX earlier today and now this article. Looks like they were reading my mind. Maybe this has become a crowded trade. Might need a decline below $25 before it becomes attractive again.

She needs to get the electric chair. The gallows would be an alternative........

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