Monday, June 11, 2007


The indices closed flat after the bulls were in control most of the session. In all I extracted plenty of alpha as a lot of positions SNDK LVS NYX PRAI OXPS FFIV LVS OMRI IBKR closed solidly in the green while I made money on inverse ETFs as well. Oil was the big winner today followed by utilities while housing and to an extent transports got beaten up.

Hedge fund Atticus Capital is urging Barclays to drop its bid for ABN because its buying "an inferior business in an auction at inflated prices".

Carlyle Group, the influential private equity outfit is creating a group to seek out investment opportunities in the global financial sector. Sounds like a good idea as financial institutions will be the biggest beneficiaries of global growth.

Apple launched an internet browser to compete with Microsofts Internet Explorer. AAPL the stock was down hard today. There appears to be a short term change in trend to the downside.

IBD has published a list of its Top 10 rated dividend paying stocks. Got to agree with names like PCU and TKC. My personal favorite dividend paying stock not on this list is FRO.

Since everyone is talking about it I might as well post this clip. FYI I have watched a grand total of 20 minutes of this show including this clip. Never got into it.

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