Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The markets finished well off their lows of the day though they still were heavily in the red. The Dow with a rare triple digit loss and the Nasdaq down over 24 points and S&P over 13. It could have been a lot worse at one stage. Relatively good comeback over the last 2 hours of trading. The internets led today with GOOG having a solid day. Home improvement and real estate were the big losers which is no surprise. They both stink.

PNRA really got beaten up today while WFMI took a hit as well. JSDA looks really good. I am building a position in JSDA because for some reason I feel I will look back at this stock in 5 years or so and think why I didn't buy it. I'm building positions in PNRA and WFMI. I hope they both continue drifting lower so I can add more. Perhaps build them to where they can each be 5% of the fund. IBKR looks really good and I may build a postion here too.

The volume on the Qs was ridiculously high today though a close well off its lows is a bullish sign.

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