Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The Dow surges to all time highs. The DJIA is up 13 of the last 14 sessions which is incredible. Volume was stronger than usual today though there was plenty of selling in the last hour. I would like to see a low volume pullback to about 12600 before I decide to enter long.

The subprime bailout is here courtesy of Freddie and Wamu.

Ebay profit surges.I think Ebay is still a growth story and will outperform in the years ahead.

Vonage on the verge of bankruptcy. This has to be the worst IPO ever.

Blockbuster is beating up on Netflix. The advantage of being able to return movies to the store and rent new ones is clearly paying of. I think Netflix needs to buy MovieGallery Inc., the parent company of Hollywood Video. NFLX has $400 million of cash on its balance sheet and MOVI has a market cap of $130 mil and around $1 billion of debt.

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