Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pre Market

The markets across Asia are mixed while the European indices are all red.

Toyota is now officially the worlds No. 1 auto seller surpassing GM.

Earnings calendar

Military contractor Lockheeds Q1 profit was up 17% due to sale of land holdings and tax benefits.Is Lockheed now in the real estate business ?

Chemical maker DuPonts Q1 profit climbed 16% with higher seed sales and pharmaceutical income.

Alcatel-Lucent reports a Q1 operating loss due to falling sales in its wireless and network divisions.Shres are up 5% in premarket.

Alot of earnings to look forward to today. I am keeping an eye on Amazon, Ameriprise, US Steel ,Pepsi, SunMicro, and Travelzoo among others.

Carl Icahn is unloading his Stratosphere casino and 3 others to Goldman Sachs real estate funds for $1.3B. How appropriate for Goldman to get into the casino buiness since they are already well established in the biggest casino of all (Wallstreet).

Will the Dow finally cross 13,000 today ? The futures are strong pre market indicating we will get close.

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