Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Market Recap

The Dow blasted through 13,000 and the rest of the indices followed. While I would still expect a pullback on the Dow to test support at 12,800, I would not count on it given the strength in recent days. Even the slightest dip seems to be a great buying opportunity.

Precious metals led the way today while the brewers were the big laggards.They are probably taking the passing away of Comrade Boris pretty hard.

Apple blew away earning expectations after hours and the stock is soaring. Look for more strength in the Nasdaq and Qs tomorrow.

Akamai is tumbling after earnings failed to impress. The numbers were accidently slipped an hour before the close via an 8-K filing and an astute trader could have profitted handsomely.

Qualcomm Q2 profit rose 22%.The stock is flat in after hours trading.

Nutrisystem delivered blow out earnings and very impressive guidance causing a big pop in the stock price of the diet food maker. I remember buying this stock at $4.60 and selling it soon after. 1500% later I wonder what I was thinking. "Weight loss food is just a fad !"

Crude oil prices rise after inventory shortages are reported. These shortages will likely become surpluses in the not too distant future as always causing oil prices to decline. I think short oil here is a pretty safe bet considering we are in the high end of the $50-$65 range.

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