Friday, April 20, 2007

Pre Market

The Asian markets are a complete opposite of yesterday while Europe is very strong too.

Earnings Calendar

Google Q1 profit climbs 69% beating analyst expectations.

McDonald's Q1 profit climbs boosted by surging sales in Europe.

Pfizer Q1 profit declines with lower than expected sales of diabetes drug and one time charges.

Schlumberger profit jumps 63% on strong international demand.

Caterpillar profit beats expectations with international demand once again playing a powerful part.

It appears a lot of these multinationals do not have to worry about a US recession as long as international demand stays strong. Thats where most of the money is being made these days. With high growth in places like China and India with a combined population of nearly 3 billion, there is a lot of growth to be had.

Gold prices are taking off this morning after a pullback yesterday.

The US market futures are pointing to a strong open. I would not be surprised to see 13,000 on the Dow today.

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