Sunday, April 22, 2007


I was thinking of a few pair trade ideas. First one on my mind is Blockbuster and Netflix. I would want to go long Blockbuster and short Netflix. I know Blockbuster has been eating Netflix lunch the last few quarters and that should continue until Netflix makes some change to its business model such as acquiring Movie Gallery.
Pair Trade #1 - Long BBI $6.21 , Short NFLX 22.10

I am looking at a one year chart of General Motors versus Toyota and it looks like GM has outperformed by quite a bit. GM is up around 50% while TM is virtually unchanged. I do not expect this to continue. I would like to be long TM and short GM. Infact if one wants to make it more interesting, they can bring Ford in the mix to and short it. Long TM and short GM and F.
Pair Trade #2 - Long TM $125.93 , Short GM $31.68 (Short F $7.75).

Hewlett-Packard has done remarkebly well over the last year while Dell has been beaten up. With Michael Dell back at the helm I expect things to change. I would like to be long DELL and short HPQ here. With HPQ up over 100% in 2 years and Dell down 30% I expect things to change.
Pair Trade #3 - Long DELL $24.99 , Short HPQ $41.37

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