Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Market Recap

The indices rallies to 5 week highs. I was not impressed with the volume and therefore sold a big portion of my bull ETFs. I also took some of the table on a few long positions that were not performing today.

An unexpected but welcome jump in home sales powered todays rally. I do not see this rise in home sales as a sign of a real estate market recovery.

US automakers saw March sales decline while Toyota sales continued to rise.
TCG view: Toyota makes autos that have universal appeal. Ford, GM and Chrysler do not.

A subprime lender gets a boost and shares surge. Do I smell other bailouts on the horizon ?

Goldman Sachs gets a kick in the ass. I guess all that 'inside' information and technology at their disposal still couldn't save them.

Is a chip maker recovery underway as inventories start to decline ? There appear to be plenty of 'bargains' in the chip sector.

I love pulling out investment ideas from these screens. A word of caution; These screens are not a substitute for your own homework.

Is Jones Soda the next Hansen ? The stock is on a tear .

Tax season is here and if the IRS decides to come after me I'm going to pull one of these.......

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Matt said...

Good post.

The GS article says in one place that Global Alpha lost 9% in 2006, then the end of the article says it gained 8% in 2006. ??

The Reuters screens are great. Every one of their screens has beaten the market since 2000, some by a wide margin. All free from their website - amazing.