Monday, April 09, 2007

Market Recap

The markets ended flat amid some wild swings . Job growth is strong and the Fed will not be cutting rates anytime soon. So I guess the bulls have less reason to celebrate.

Crude oil continues its tumble. When are prices at the pump going to fall ? Thats what I want to know.

AMD sales decline not as bad as expected. The stock was almost priced for bankruptcy last week.

US files piracy charges against China at WTO. The Chinese are probably thinking something along the lines of " We lend you money so you can buy our pirated versions of your hollywood movies and software products ! "

Did you know Larry Kudlow was addicted to drugs and alcohol ? Listening to him on CNBC has me thinking he needs to go back to rehab.

The IRS apprehended my algorithm programmer to gain access to confidential information about my investment activities. After they threatened and subjected him to physical abuse he came clean about me.

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