Monday, October 29, 2007


The market looks fairly strong so far. Tech is doing well and the Nasdaq leads the way.

Oil continues to stay high partially due to rumors of war with Iran. I still think oil is peaking here. I believe we will see lower prices in the next month or so.

Fed meets on Wednesday and the market is predicting a rate cut. is a rate cut already priced in ? What happens if the Fed does not cut ? Those are two questions I am currently pondering.

I have dumped my position in SBUX. I think Starbucks has serious problems and will move lower in the coming months. I just don't buy their story anymore.

I have been adding to my positions in BOOM LLNW INAP MCHX AKAM MPEL NIHD QLD HANS this morning. I like what I am seeing with the above names.

I think CMG is grossly overvalued and will drop after earnings. On the other hand I could be wrong.

BIDU continues to move higher and it looks like $400 is on the cards. I continue to sell my position in small increments. I bought this between $95-110 and it has been my best gainer this year.

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