Tuesday, October 23, 2007


AMZN earnings beat was actually a disappointment. 19 cents a share does not quite cut it. Many investors were looking for a blowout something along the lines of 22 to 24 cents a share.
The stock is taking it to the nuts in AH trading down 10%. A beautiful island reversal beckons on the charts if AMZN continues sinking in the days ahead.

RVBD is getting punched around like Apollo Creed at the hands of Ivan Drago. RVBD is a buy as long as $36.50 holds tomorrow. Investors pay for growth and RVBD is a growth story. Earnings were great; guidance a little weak. No big deal. I'll probably take a position in the coming days. I've owned RVBD before. FFIV is down as a result in AH. Earnings are out tomorrow. I'm long FFIV.

Comcast admits delaying some subscribers traffic. Shame on Comcast. Who cares if people share files. The world has changed. Got over it. Either you keep up or get killed.

CFC has appeared to have started its second leg down. This stock appears it may ultimately fall down into single digits. CFC is dirt cheap and any one with cojones big enough to handle this volatility will have a pot full of gold a few years down the road.

LVLT was massacred today. Wasn't Cramer pumping this a few months back. Put a $6 handle on it ? At $3.24 it must be a case of 'back the truck up' right Booyah boy ?

I think DUG might be a good buy here. I think oil prices are topping out short term. Oil is sold in November and bought back in March.

I like having all this extra cash lying around courtesy of getting stopped out a multitude of positions. Allows me to relax, refocus and put money into winning trades. You always need 10-15% of cash lying around. Feels really good. The market could drop 30% tomorrow and I would still feel good.

And NYX is a BUY here. I feel a run to $100+.

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