Thursday, October 25, 2007


Overall market is looking weak today. I expect strength into the close. Shanghai fell hard overnight. Gold and Silver are going through the roof in anticipation of a rate cut. Broker stocks are doing well too.

In IPO news ULTA is soaring. I am long. Got in at IPO price $18. Currently at $30. Will buy more below $28 ( if it gets there). I see $50 in 12 months.

I am adding to DFS. I cannot believe how low this one is. Should be a top 10 position by year end.

My NTRI position is picking up steam. We saw the bottom. I expect a strong rally in the coming days. I added more after hours and pre market today.

Buying some NIHD here. I've been keeping an eye on this. I think below $55 is a good place to take a position. Even if the company earns $3 next year which is 20% below consensus, at 25 x next years earnings this should be a $75 stock. I will keep adding each $1 this stock falls. We may see $45-50 but I think Latin American telecom growth cannot be ignored. I plan on making NIHD one of my top 5 positions.

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