Monday, October 22, 2007

Market Summary

Yes I notice I haven't blogged in 20 days. I needed a break. The damage was done on Friday. Was today a bottom ? I don't know. This is what I am doing. Actually better yet like me break it down point by point.
  • Keeping tight stops thus protecting profits.I don't like seeing 200% + profits disappearing on holdings like BIDU.
  • Hedging via SRS. The real estate sector stinks and will lead the way down during any pullback.
  • Raising cash. A lot of my stops have already been hit. I am out of OXPS LVS (Valuation) HANS (50% out) COGT GDX DDM SSO AKAM( 75% out) RACK .
  • Ready to deploy cash into QLD . As the market pulls back I am adding into QLD since the Qs are the strongest group here.
  • Watching GOOG AAPL RIMM CROX GRMN BIDU CMG SPWR carefully. These are the markets top dogs and their failure will ultimately lead us into a bear market.
  • Keeping an eye on the 10 year Treasury. At 4.39% I don't think we are heading into a bear. I need to see 5.5% plus before I push the sell button. Money is always looking for the highest yield.
  • Drinking JW Blue Label religiously. It just tastes so much better.

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