Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Years ending in 7

Some stats for years ending in 7. Courtesy of Jeffrey Cooper at Minyanville.

1887 saw a five-month fourteen percent decline.
1897 saw a two-month twenty
percent decline.
1907 was the Rich Man's Panic which saw an eleven-month
forty-five percent drop.
1917 saw a six-month thirty-three percent decline.
1927 had a one-month eleven percent decline.
1937 saw a three-month
forty percent waterfall.
1947 saw a three-month nine percent decline.
1957 saw a five-month nineteen percent decline.
1967 saw a three-month
ten percent decline.
1977 was a bear year, down almost the whole year, down
eighteen percent.
1987 saw a twenty percent crash in one month.
1997 saw
a two to three month sixteen percent decline.

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Gary said...

yep I expect this market to top out this year. But I kinda think it will be somewhere around Oct.