Monday, May 21, 2007


Today was all about the techs and small caps leading the way while the Dow lost ground and the S&P underperformed relatively speaking. The precious metal sector was on fire today with monstrous gains in SIL PAAS SWC SSRI. Telecom was another big winner on the Alltel buyout news. Aluminum producers, home improvement and airlines were the losers.

VCLK which I mentioned on Friday was a big winner today up over 14%. Seriously this is the most obvious trade of all time. They are the only big guys left in the online advertising space. Even if they don't get bought out the share price will hit $40 in the short term or atleast I think so.

The fund had monstrous gains in OXPS FFIV NYX TOPT FRO KRY UXG VCLK DNDN to name a few.

I think the Nasdaq and small caps will continue leading this week while the Dow and S&P take a breather.


Gary said...

I have a feeling you may be right. I don't see this market going up with out the Naz. It's been underperforming for a while and I think it may be time for some of the liquidity to flow out of the large caps and back into the more speculative stocks.

TheCapitalGame said...

Yes Gary. The last few weeks were all about the Dow and S&P thus large caps. Now we should see some increased moves up in the mid and small caps along with the Naz which have relatively lagged for a few weeks now.