Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pre Market

The Asian markets are fairly bullish and Shanghai is up yet again. Europe is down all across the board.

Stocks In Play

Earnings Announcements

ACOR AIRN BSQR CBOU CRYP ISIS MED MBLX NFI NVDA BRLC are some of the names I am keeping an eye on.

Viacom net falls 36% on restructuring.

TXU swings to Q1 loss due to plant shutdowns.

US trade deficit continues to expand as gap is largest since September.Imports rose greater than exports. You would think a cheap USD should help out our exporters.

Retailers posted weak April sales ostensibly due to a slowing housing market and rising gas prices. SAKS is still a growth story in retail with their turnaround.

US initial jobless claims are down. Could companies be firing fewer workers ?

The Bank of England raises its benchmark rate to a 6 yr high.

The Pre market futures are pointing to a lower open. The theme is buy the dip. It will probably work again today.

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