Thursday, November 08, 2007


A crazy rollercoaster of a day. Who needs Six Flags when you have the stock market ? Who needs Vegas when you have the stock market ? Seriously this was a crazy ride. Maybe we bottomed though I don't think so. I think we rally till next Tuesday. Then the bears take over. The tape was painted after 3pm and it was obvious to all. The FED needed to avoid another sell off into the close. Give the market a little confidence ahead of the weekend. If we had another 300 point sell off today which carried into tomorrow, can you imagine what Monday would look like ? Black Monday anyone ?

I went gambling today rolling the dice on HANS doubling my position under $39 and I ended up catching a lucky break. I sold some into the close of $43.50. I took some shots at CROX and C too and bought turned out good. DIVX and NYX bought had really good days and SLV wasn't too shabby either.

I think I am turning to trading mode. No buy and hold. Just some quick trades in and out. I can't risk buying and holding in a market this volatle. Makes more sense to go long or short for a few hours.

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