Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Down 7 figures today. Feels really good huh ? I got a butt kicking in INAP HANS DFS C and pretty much everything save Silver and Gold and the Euro. Maybe we are in a bear market now. Who knows ? AAPL RIMM GOOG FSLR SPWR CMG are still bullish. Financial and housing are being taken to the cleaners. High flying tech stocks are being murdered along with other high flyers like CROX UA FTK NTRI etc.

I might have to go 50% in cash and wait for further hits to the market before loading up on SSO QLD DDM . Or maybe I'll just buy a load of SRS DXD QID SDS and wait it out. Its starting to feel like this bull market is dead. 5 trading days of November gone and we are down over 5%. Perhaps Bernanke had to turn of the printing presses with the declining Dollar. I suppose nobody wants to invest in the US with the USD falling so rapidly. Makes more sense to keep your money in Europe with a strengthing Euro or Asia. My current problem is I'm too heavily invested. Sitting on 5% cash which is not good enough. I got bullish starting November because of the bullish nature of this month historically. Could things have changed ? Could November be the month the bear market started ? We should know by next week. If we don't get a strong rally soon I would think a bear is here. Next stop 13000 on the Dow and lower.


MyFriendFate said...

I think you sort of picked a bad time to cull readers from Fly's blog. Your last couple posts speak of nothing but huge market upside, November euphoria, new records etc.. Not exactly the confidence-building first impression I was hoping for.

Nevertheless, good luck.

TheCapitalGame said...

Well if I told you to short everything would that make more sense ?

It is November and going by seasonality alone this is the worst month to be short. But who knows ? Maybe we will be down 15%+ this month and make things interesting.
Then again, we could have some massive bull rally fueled by short covering.