Friday, January 11, 2008


Watching Kudlow and Company here. You really have to wonder what Larry Kudlow and some of his guests are smoking. I thought I heard someone say how great they thought financials would do the rest of the year. This Don Luskin fellow thinks the stock market does well during recessions. Wow ! He's obviously on Ecstacy - the club drug. Larry Kudlow is dressed like a clown and everytime his mouth moves, a steaming pile of horse turd is released. This Doug Kass person is the only one who makes remote sense. Luskin, Kudlow and this other older guy are either drunk or very high. The other day Kudlow had Ben Stein as a guest. Ah the same old Ben Stein who reminds me of a crew member aboard the Titanic telling people to go back to bed and not worry while the ship sinks. These fools continue believing everything is fine. The problem with these idiots is they are so out of touch with the reality that millions of Americans face on a daily basis. I mean how much can Ben Stein know about the average American when he lives there in his $20 million Malibu mansion ?

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