Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Market Commentary

The market defies gravity and continues to soar higher. The bears are full of excuses and concoct imaginative reasons as to why the market should fall. It seems the bear trade is over crowded and thus the market continues it ascent. All time highs are round the corner.

New speculation involving Buffett taking a stake in Bear Stearns continues to propel this market as another buyout falls through the cracks. Seems like Buffett is rumored to be taking a stake in every company out there from Countrywide to Hovanian and this time Bear Stearns. What next ? Home Depot ?

How do you help a mentally challenged President ? This is how.....

WHAT NOW ? Thats the question on a lot of investors minds. Do we invest for the long haul here ? Do we go into cash and wait for a fallout from the coming recession ? The best strategy is probably to stay long and wait for a breakdown in the leading stocks such as GOOG AAPL AMZN BIDU GRMN CROX BCSI CMG . Once they breakdown its likely the overall market will fall soon after.
TCG TIP: The leading stocks breakdown well in advance of the overall market.

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