Saturday, August 18, 2007

Week Recap

With the market falling apart I decided to take a hiatus. Off to the ocean in sunny California for 3 days all while the markets collapsed than proceeded to U Turn in amazing fashion. I had orders set in place to buy bull ETFs DDM SDS QLD MVV UWM at market levels 1% to 5% below Tuesdays close and much to my amazement most of them were filled. I am glad I skipped out the last 3 days of the week as I doubt I would have kept the composure to enter those trades manually. In all it was a great week. I am starting to have doubts as to how long this rally will last though. I believe the market has been broken. I can imagine we will see a lot of selling at Dow 13200 and S&P 1454 ( 200 day moving average). I think it may be wise to stay in cash till late October early November. It appears even precious metals like Gold and Silver are no longer safe havens. Silver in particular appears to be breaking down. Gold is so unimpressive that I may sell half my position on Monday. They are better trades out there, UNG for one. Hurricane season is here and the big one is ready to hit Jamaica. A little closer to home like Florida and Nat. Gas could see $10+.

A few equity names that have caught my eye due to their relative strength during this decline are CSCO HPQ RIMM WYNN CMG OVTI UA .

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