Friday, August 31, 2007

Market Update

Here comes the big bailout everyone was waiting (hoping) for. The Bush Administration will help people keep their homes. Does this mean its all good ? You can go buy that million dollar home on a $50k/yr salary and not worry about making payments on the loan . Looks like the good times are back.

Bernanake is set to speak at Jackson Hole, Wyo right about now and the market is expecting signs of an imminent rate cut. Will they have their cake and eat it too ?

Investors are placing their money into high yield corporate bond funds for the first time in 12 weeks. The credit crunch appears to be easing.

Consumer spending rising and inflation cooling.Things are looking good so far. A lot better than they were a few weeks back. Can the good news last forever or will it all come crashing down again ?

Talking about buying homes , with this bailout coming, I am looking through some of these homes. Tough deciding which one I'll buy......

Market looks very good today so far. Financials home builders and Gold and Silver in particular are outperforming. Stocks that are doing really well are GS MER MS CFC LEND NFI KBH BZ HOV RYL DHI SPF .

JADE which I mentioned yesterday continues to do really well. Appears they are close to filing their annual report and once that is taken care of we could see much higher prices.

OVTI is one of my long positions back from April which is jumping higher due to strong earnings and even stronger guidance.

If one wants to look at a momentum stock look no further than BCSI . This one has been on an absolute tear. Another would be VDSI.

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