Friday, March 16, 2007


Gold has been acting well today.

The Euro is poised to break 2 year highs versus the US Dollar.

Crude oil is rallying today after weakening the last few days.

DBA is an ETF that I really like. Its a commodity ETF composed of the softs such as corn, wheat and sugar excluding energy and metals. In a commodity bull cycle the softs tend to outperform in the latter part. Energy and the metals have outperformed in the last few years. I expect the agricultural commodities to outperform here onwards.


Matt said...

Interesting about the commodity cycles. I was reading some commentary about the CPI this morning, and they were saying that corn and grain prices are up, also pushing meat up. Man, they have ETF's for everything these days.

Where's a good source to learn about commodity cycles?

Enjoy your blog as always.

TheCapitalGame said...

Here is am interview with Jim Rogers .

Here is a Merrill Lynch commodity report

Here you can find historical commodity price charts.

As for studying about commodity cycles, there are a ton of resources online.Commodity cycles are said to last on average 18 years. This cycle was thought to have started in 2000.So we may 11 more years to go.

Glad you enjoy it :)