Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Helicopter Ben was unable to save the markets today. Red all across the board save the precious metals. Gold has been moving up and two of my miners - GRZ and KRY had absolutely phenomenal days up 50% and 28% respectively. They were my plays on what I like to call 'Hugo ain't crazy' . Both are Venezuela based gold mining companies that were waiting on environmental permits. GRZ got theirs today hence the crazy price movement. I backed up the truck on a few Venezuela plays a few months back due to concerns that Hugo Chavez was going to nationalize companies and screw over shareholders. Nationalize he might, but screw over he won't. The market overreacted and I took advantage by buying VNT, HNR, TX, GRZ and KRY to name a few and hence the portfolio profited handsomely. Bottom Line: There is always money to be made in market overreactions.

Sometimes trading the market feels like this....

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