Monday, February 19, 2007


A quiet day today. US markets are closed. A whole lotta green arrows in Europe . Asia is green too except for our friends in Singapore who don't seem to be 'getting' with the program. The FTSE and Nikkei among others, are at fresh 6 year highs and did I mention that the Shanghai Composite has doubled, in the last 8 months ? Things could not be rosier or so it seems.

What do we have here ? Goodness its Sirius and XM trying to merge. Is this a merger of idiots or are these two collusus of negative cash flow, actually going to accomplish something positive ? Either way I do not see satellite radio as something that is sustainable in the future. To me the future is digitally imported internet radio. SiriXM or XMius or whatever they call this behemoth is going to be history in a decade. Kaput.

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