Friday, January 05, 2007

WEEK 1 2007

1 week down (almost) 51 to go. Where does this put us ? What strategy does one pursue in the coming weeks ? How does one preserve capital yet maximize gains and etch out absolute returns in the double digits ? If I were not looking for double digit returns I would not hesitate to switch to the money markets at 5%. Iceland is offering me 13% for my money. The Chinese Yuan is a safe bet assuming the continuation of appreciation vs the US Dollar. The Euro has broken overhead resisitance in recent months and is heading for all time highs vs the USD. It looks to be a good safe haven for capital. I like Gold too in the form of Goldtrust Shares as it settles along support.

Job growth rose unexpectedly which has dampened investors expecting a Fed rate cut.If the economy continues to show strength , a rate raise would not surprise me. When was the last time the Fed lowered rates into a rising stock market ? I don't know but all I do know is that when the Fed does decide to cut rates, it will be to the backdrop of investors fleeing the US equity markets.

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