Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The market appears to be gradually slipping away from the grasps of the bulls. The Nasdaq has failed to close at new new highs since November 24 which is over 6 weeks. While the Dow did close at new highs the week before New Years it was on very light volume.The S&P has failed to make new highs since mid December and appears to be topping. In these 3 indices there has been a noticable lack of volume on up swings while a surge of volume accompanies most down swings. To me the first trading day of the year was the most telling with the Dow advancing upwards to 12630 a gain of almost 170 points for the day before reversing, going negative for a while and than finally rallying enough to close up 13 points. The huge volume that day indicates that this could likely have been the peak of the current bull market.

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