Friday, July 13, 2007

Midday Observations

Soon $100 bills will be used as toilet paper. The USD is going down the toilet.
Who in the right frame of mind will accept US Dollars as payment for anything ? Oil producers have started switching to Euros and other currency. Perhaps they will turn to gold as a way to make payments........

JSDA is consolidating nicely after the runup. Once the 50 day moving average is broken there will be a lot of upside.

IBKR is the worst IPO of the year.

DIVX is a buy once the 50 day moving average is taken out. Looks like a double bottom.

With the runup in HOV you would have thought Warren Buffett has taken a stake.

Strong move in SIGM the last few days. AUTH ? Whats going on there. Is there a real story here.

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